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Whoodle training tips

If you are lucky enough to have a Whoodle puppy, there are some things you should know as you work on puppy training. Firstly, training a Whoodle takes patience and dedication. Whoodles are very energetic dogs and instilling good behavior early in life is your best way of curating a wonderful, loving relationship with your Whoodle.
Whoodle with baseball hat on
For a lot of people, especially those who don’t have a lot of experience training a dog, training a Whoodle can be tough work. However once you have established basic training parameters, your Whoodle will quickly build upon their base behaviors. Whoodles are extremely smart dogs thanks in large part to the genetics that a Poodle breed brings to the table. Combining high intelligence and high energy makes training your Whoodle a necessity.

For many people, the best way to go about training your Whoodle is hiring a professional trainer. Having the knowledge and experience of a professional trainer will help you take on the task of training with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

When my family got our first Whoodle (Murphy), we opted to obtain the services of a professional dog trainer. My family has always had a dog and with that we had a lot of experience raising dogs. However, when it came to training Murphy we knew that our best bet was to have assistance from a trainer. In the end, we were extremely happy that we did.

Whoodle Training Tips:

  1. Gather a handful of dog training materials such as books, webinars. Online forums and much more. With a depth of informative publications you’ll be better suited for training success
  2. Start slow with training objectives that are small in scope. Doing so, will help you get off to an easier start. Beginning with easy r
  3. training objectives will set forth a positive start to the training process.
  4. Every breed of dog is the born with certain instincts that don’t make it easy on inexperienced trainers.
  5. Repetition and persistence is a vital way to keep positive momentum for the dog lessons.
  6. One on one training is ideal as opposed to trying to train multiple dogs at one time. Like all dogs, Whoodles can get easily distracted while in a learning with other dogs.
  7. Tools can help expedite training milestones. Having just a few simple tools in your training arsenal will pay off in spades-
  8. Tools to consider: multiple leashes of varrying sizes and strengths. For the first handful of months a short, strong leash is recommended.
  9. While walking on said leash, keep one hand gripping the top 3rd of the leash, then using your other hand to grip the leash loop or handle.
  10. While walking keep a strong enough hold onto your leash so your Whoodle is essentially walking right next to, prevent your pooch from taking off towards distractions they may come across your path.
  11. Develop a firm and assertive tone when giving your Whoodle instructions.
  12. Maintain strong eye contact with your whoodle when giving direct instructions or corrective directives.
  13. Socializing your Whoodle is one of the most important parts of Whoodle training. This calls for you to explore places where you can get your Whoodle comfortable with other dogs.
  14. Furthermore, you will want to socialize your Whoodle with diverse groups of fellow canines. Dog day care is a great way to get your Whoodle adjusted and comfortable with fellow dogs.
  15. Make sure you vet (pun intended) any dog day care/boarding operation.